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About Us

Throughout our life-long interest in aviation, we have always been in search of quality aircraft-related novelty items.  If you are also an aviation buff (or have the displeasure of shopping for one) know how difficult it can be to find anything that is EXACTLY  related to the airplane that YOU  fly - or are passionate about.  You (or the folks trying to buy something for you) will search for hours for aviation-related novelty items.  It's easy to find endless hordes of generic aviation novelty items that are OK (and likely cheesy), but not typically what you are looking for.  When you do find an item you can get excited about...odds are the item is cost-prohibitive to buy.  Inevitably, you don't buy anything or are obligated to appear excited about the spendy 'airplane' trinket your loved ones bought for you that likely misses the mark.  Canvassing other interest groups, this seems to be the case across the board. 

PLANEFORM exists to satisfy the need for highly accurate aviation and military-themed art and novelty items.  Utilizing modern fabrication methods including CNC plasma-cutting and TIG welding among other metal-crafting techniques, PLANEFORM delivers an exceptional product at an ideal price.  With all of our design and fabrication equipment in-house, we can make our customers just about anything!  Have a look through our Product and Gallery pages to see what we are capable of doing for you.

We look forward to serving you!




P.S. - Here are a few images that capture our work in progress: