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Q:  What material should I choose?  Why?

A:  This question is all about what you are looking for from your product.  

If you want a no-maintenance piece that is tough and resistant to corrosion (rust!) and like a finished metal look, but don't mind paying a little extra for these qualities, then stainless steel is for you!  

If you are a fan of a powder-coated look and/or like color, then CR steel coated in a durable powder-coat is for you...cost is reduced because of the steel-type used (note that eventually the powdercoat will wear down on the bottle opener tooth from repetitive use).  Coatings are typically done in metallic gray or wrinkle black. 

Finally, if you don't want to pay for stainless or powder-coat, and don't mind a little up-keep, the raw CR steel could be the ideal option for you.  Over time, the raw CR steel opener will corrode if not dried off after use and may flash rust in moist/humid environments.  This shouldn't present any issue and you can easily keep a brushed finish up with the occasional use of a scotch-pad, steel wool, etc.  You could paint it, polish it, or do anything you could think of...the raw option presents many possibilities for the DIY-er.

Q:  What if the plane/ship/vehicle I want isn't listed?

A:   Send a request to our email and we will cut it out for you.  Be advised it may take a few days, but we can pretty much cut any shape!